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Polyvalley Technology (Tianjin) Co.,Ltd. is located in the Chinese Bohai Sea bay economic center Tianjin city and specializing in R&D, manufacturing and self-exporting of polycarbonate sheets.

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Hot Products
  • 2-wall R-structure Frosted
    2-wall R-structure Frosted

    Polyvalley multi-wall polycarbonate sheet is a basic type and widely used with perfect...

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  • 4-wall R-structure U Panel-8mm
    4-wall R-structure U Panel-8mm

    The polyvalley U Panel has its own connection cover for the joint part of two panels. There is...

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  • Polycarbonate Solid U Panel-8mm
    Polycarbonate Solid U Panel-8mm

    Polycarbonate U-locked solid sheet is an architectural system that offers very high light...

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  • Universal Solid Sheet
    Universal Solid Sheet

    Polyvalley PC sheets are flat with excellent physical and mechanical properties. Superior shock...

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  • Polycarbonate Multiwall Roll Sheet-clear
    Polycarbonate Multiwall Roll Sheet-clear

    Developed by Polyvalley, the waved sheet is a new polycarbonate sheet with advantages as high...

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  • 1190M-18/76 Multiwall Corrugated Sheet
    1190M-18/76 Multiwall Corrugated Sheet

    Polyvalley Corrugated sheet has solid corrugated sheet and multi-wall corrugated sheet. The...

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  • 1190S-18/76 Multiwall Corrugated Sheet
    1190S-18/76 Multiwall Corrugated Sheet

    Made by 100% virgin Bayer material and 50 micro-meter UV layer, Polyvalley solid corrugated...

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  • Multiwall Polycarbonate Sheet Accessories -all
    Multiwall Polycarbonate Sheet Accessories -all

    Polyvalley provides a complete set of accessories for multi-wall and solid PC sheet to make sure...

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Polyvalley U Panel For Wall Curtain 18 Oct,2017 Thickness: 20mm Color: White Location: Tianjin China Read More
Polyvalley Multiwall Sheets For Greenhouse 18 Oct,2017 Thickness: 10 mm Color: Clear Location: Xingjiang China Read More