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Classification of Corrugated Board

- Sep 21, 2017 -

The profiled plate is usually classified according to the application position, the plate type wave height, the lap structure, and the material. Common classification methods are as follows:

Classification By Application site

Divided into roofing panels, wall panels, floor panels and ceiling panels. At the same time using color plate plate to do wall decoration board, architectural decoration effect is relatively new and unique.

Classification by wave height

Divided into high plate (wave height ≥70mm), wave plate and low wave plate (wave height <30mm)

Classification by substrate material

It is divided into hot-dip galvanized substrate, hot-dip aluminum-zinc and hot-dip galvanized aluminum substrate, etc.

Classification by plate seam construction

Divided into lap, bite and withhold structure. The biting, withholding and high plate should be used as the roof panel with high waterproof requirements, the plate galvanized plate of the middle and high board is lapped, and the low wave plate should be used as the wall panel.

Now there are many plastic extrusion molding corrugated board, transparent, there are opaque and color, there are multi-layer composite hollow. Because of its good plasticity, it can better adapt to the requirements of a variety of architectural modelling.

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