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How to choose the hollow plate?

- Sep 21, 2017 -

Purchase tips: See if there is certification through the Chinese environmental labeling products.

The formaldehyde in the adhesive used in the hollow plate processing will cause harm to human health.

Buy Hollow board should pay attention to see whether there is a Chinese environmental labeling product certification, China environmental Labeling product certification is the quality and environmental protection double standards certification.

One of the characteristics of the hollow plate is environmental protection!

Failed to pass the Chinese environmental Labeling product certification Hollow board material How can be called: Environmental protection Hollow Board material!

Purchase Skill two: Hollow board manufacturing process.

We can judge from several aspects such as slicing and splicing, patchwork treatment, defect repair, sanding defects, floor defects and other appearance damage and pollution.

No impact on the aesthetic process defects, floor defects, man-made damage, the polluter is superior. The opposite is Liepin!

Three: The floor material of the Hollow board.

Hollow plate of the floor material to Liu, and the market is mostly poplar core.

To make a specific decision about the empty plate:

1: See the weight of the bottom plate, most of the heavy Liu or other hard wood, light for the Poplar;

2: Look at the color of the hollow plate, very uniform white or hollow plate by dyeing and masking treatment of the general Poplar.

3: See whether the hollow plate warp deformation, vertical erect, natural flat is the warping or soft plate is not crisp, can not be erected is the inferior floor.

Purchase technique four: hollow plate epidermis (thin) thickness.

The thicker the sheet thickness, the better the durability performance. Conversely, poor performance!

The method to identify the thickness of hollow plate is:

The observation board side has the sand permeable, has the seepage-free gum, the water test has the phenomenon and so on through, if the above problem, then usually the epidermis is thin.

Regardless of the choice of the hollow plate is used in which line of business, enterprises or individuals in the purchase of hollow board materials, must be the hollow plate to be carefully identified and appraised!

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