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How to improve the quality of hollow plate

- Sep 21, 2017 -

First: the improvement of the thickness tolerance in the process of producing hollow board

Thickness tolerance is imperfect, the quality of the hollow board will have an impact, and the production of finished product quality will be uneven!

The specific improvement methods are as follows:

1: The factory strictly to the bamboo curtain, bamboo detection classification, as far as possible with the same thickness of the bamboo curtain Group;

2: Without affecting the intensity of the premise, in which a sheet to a few compressed wood veneer, to reduce the thickness tolerance of bamboo pieces;

3: The hollow plate for two times processing, first will be pressed out of the hollow plate sand light to the thickness of the film;

4: In the bamboo curtain, the bamboo processing link uses the mechanical processing control its thickness, each production factory sets up the raw material processing base in the bamboo producing area, supports the bamboo agriculture gradually to use the mechanical processing.

Second: Increase the turnover times of the hollow plate template

1: Do not arbitrarily change the gum species, change the hot pressing parameters

2: Strengthening skills training for technicians

3: In strict accordance with the best production Process Hollow Board production organization

Third: Analyze the market demand, the production of various grades of hollow plate template for user needs

1: Demand analysis of the existing market.

2: Analyze and judge the user's needs.

3: The user needs to do the division, production can meet the different needs of the hollow plate template.

IV. Establishment of quality restriction and supervision mechanism

1: The application of the permit system to the hollow Board

2: For a variety of listed hollow Board material template Certification assessment, to eliminate the inferior hollow plate material in the market circulation

The perfection of the material of Plastic hollow Board It is not which person, which enterprise, which organization!

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