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Polycarbonate U Panel Installation method

- Sep 21, 2017 -

U-type lock Sun Board Accessories: T-type fasteners, aluminum sealing strip, aluminum foil tape, plug, self tapping nails.

Installation steps

1. Transport the plate to the installation position;

2. Tear off the first sheet of the bottom protective film;

3. Install T-type fasteners along the side of the first sheet;

4. Remove the second plate bottom protective film;

5. Insert the T-type fastener in step 3;

6. The PC buckle is stamped on the two piece plate;

7. Install the T-type fasteners along the side of the second sheet;

8. Repeat the above steps until the whole installation is complete.

9. At the end of the plate length direction affixed with aluminum foil tape;

10. Insert the article;

11. Remove all sheets of upper surface protective film.

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