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The hollow board lets you say goodbye to the environmental pollution of the packing material industry

- Sep 21, 2017 -

Hollow plate selection of more color, with waterproof function, can also add a variety of anti-static materials, conductive materials, can withstand high and low temperature, hollow plate is very clean non-toxic, the manufacturing standards are fully in line with the standards of food GMP. Hollow plate can be reused, recycled and reduced quantity, is very consistent with the concept of environmental protection in China. Hollow Plate Application range is very wide, such as in machinery, metal, electronics, pesticides, advertising, decoration and other industries in the product sales, transportation, turnover process.

For the material packaging industry, there are many alternatives, such as plastic, glass, paper, bamboo, metal and so on. And with the development of the Times, the development of society, the demand of material packaging market is also gradually pay attention to diversity, traditional packaging materials have been unable to meet the needs of the broad masses of people, for China's environmental protection concept gradually enhanced, in the material environmental protection market of environmentally friendly packaging materials have been phased out. Hollow Board in Environmental protection, excellent reputation has occupied most of the packaging materials industry market.

From the environmental point of view, the emergence of the Hollow board led a new era, meaning that the vast number of consumers can bid farewell to the environmental pollution of the packaging industry.

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