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Polycarbonate Solid Sheet

  • Universal Solid Sheet

    Universal Solid Sheet

    Polyvalley PC sheets are flat with excellent physical and mechanical properties. Superior shock resistance as well as high...

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  • Ultrathin Solid Sheet

    Ultrathin Solid Sheet

    Polyvalley Ultra-thin solid sheet can be made as thin as 0.01mm to 0.5mm. Can be used for phone screen film, contact eyes,...

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  • Anti-Reinforced Solid Sheet

    Anti-Reinforced Solid Sheet

    The thickness of Polyvalley Reinforced Solid sheet could reach 20mm. And can be bulletproofed. Widely be used for protecting...

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  • Anti-Scratch Solid Sheet

    Anti-Scratch Solid Sheet

    Polyvalley Anti-scratch Solid sheet has hard coating on surface. Not easy to be scratched, can be widely be used for screen...

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  • Embossed Sheet

    Embossed Sheet

    Polyvalley Embossed Solid sheet names diamond sheets either. Looks very beautiful, very suitable for decoration. Universal...

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  • Diffusion Solid Sheet

    Diffusion Solid Sheet

    Polyvalley diffusion PC sheets can refract, reflect or scatter the light between additives and resins so that to get the...

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  • Frosted Solid Sheet

    Frosted Solid Sheet

    Polyvalley Anti-fog Solid sheet has a special coating on the surface which can make the sheets not be fogged. Thus can make...

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